Jewelry and decoration with story

my name is Petra Malafová and I create under the brand Fontana di Cristalli.

Everything started in the fall of 2017, when I attended a course of production of tin jewelery.

Working with metal and precious stones really impressed me, so I decided to continue this creation and produce the originals which will bring to their owners at least such joy that them bring me during their production.

Under the Fontana di Cristalli brand you will find a relatively wide range of products. Besides the production of tin jewelery with gemstones, I also specialize in jewelery with Swarovski Elements and men's and women's mineral bracelets. You can also choose from the offer of original dreamcatchers and macramé decorations.


It should be noted that every piece you find in my e-shop is a handmade original, made with love and utmost care. It should be noted that every piece you find in my e-shop is a handmade original, made with love and utmost care. So you will never find two identical products here, so you do not have to worry that someone else will boast about the same jewel or decoration.

During jewelry production, I most often let myself lead by the stone, each one is suitable for another type of jewelery and each mineral has its own story.

"A Woman can be over dressed but never over elegant " - Coco Chanel

So if you prefer uniqueness and originality to series production, you will surely choose from my offer. If you do not choose from the stock offer, do not hesitate to contact me at or fill in a form for custom production. I will be pleased to make a decoration or jewelery according to your wishes. You can also choose from already SOLD PRODUCTS, if you like some piece, it is possible to produce similar, but for example in a different colour, with a different stone or pattern. Originality is always guaranteed!

Quality and customer satisfaction in the first place

All tin jewelry and other tin products you can find in my offer are made from lead-free, tin with additive of silver.

Each product is carefully sanded, sometimes patinated, sometimes left in silver design, but always treated with an antioxidant for tin jewelry, giving the jewel a shine and impregnating it. The basis of each tin jewel is gemstone come from the quality and proven suppliers.

All products are manufactured in a non-smoking environment and out of reach of animal allergens.

I believe that you will enjoy shopping in my e-shop and enjoy Your jewelery and decorations!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me!